With only Siberian chalk and a specific eraser I create and shape new spaces and parts of landscapes, dark and light, futuristic and radiant.
Zooming in and zooming out, I work from my own memory and imagination and sometimes I use little bits of pictures out of family albums or found photographs.

It all starts with a ‘Base’, a hidden, reclusive place far away where you can retreat and where a new world can be invented or be built. Or dreamt of.
It has all the elements I can work with and extend: people and their basic needs, architecture,   rediscovering the nature of things, territory, getting lost, searching for connection, searching for ways of positioning oneself in the world, survival, etc.

In my drawings I use structures, different motives from nature and architecture wherein the figures try to find their way. The result is often a combination of flat and spatial.
Monumental & intimate at the same time is how I like my work best. Like a still.
Sometimes there is a dark, mysterious element in the drawing and as a counterpart there is light; something magical in an ordinary moment.

I am lucky to have lived in Surinam (South-America) as a child and as an adolescent I’ve spent a lot of times in the Middle-East over a period of 3 years. I am sure those experiences have made an impact on the way I look at things and people.
I’ve realised that not everything is the way it seems. It’s much more complex.
It’s interesting that although we want freedom in every aspect of our lives, we all need control too. It’s paradise (wild, free) versus culture, or both at the same time.